Addon for recruiting a guild. Addon for recruiting a guild. Browse CurseForge App Create a Project ... If you use sending messages or invitation + message, then this is logical and there have been no changes in this part. ... WoW Retail R. 103 Jul 7, 2022. WoW Burning Crusade Classic R. 102-bcc Jan 27, 2022. Guild Recruiting Guide. There are good and bad ways to ask people to join a guild. While many people opt to only invite people who have partied with them, some choose to shout for guilds. The former seems like the only viable option, but the only problem with it is, if you are forming a special guild, such as a crafters guild, it will take you. Easiest point of contact is discord Trin#9270. Mythic+, PvP English Open for Realm Transfer 19 July 2022. Ryaadra. Stormrage, US 60 Arms Warrior. SEND MESSAGE. Ilvl: 255 / 255. 80. Raid Progress: 11/11 H Ahead of the Curve Returning WoW player looking for Mythic+ and PvP focused guild.

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