Ubuntu Linux Router: Set outbound NAT on 2 interfaces. I'm setting up a router using Ubuntu 12.04. I need my router to route between our internet modem and my client's network, for which we're given one IP address. eth0 - port to client's network. Configured using static IP. eth1 - our LAN. Configured as static IP and serving DHCP/DNS. OPEN NAT! I have been doing this on OS X and Vista and here is the Ubuntu way. Step1: Note down your router ip. The router your PC connects to get onto the internet. Mine is Now your wireless cards (wlan0) ip. Mine is On my router I have set ip onto the DMZ. linux iptables routing nat fedora. This is the simple script could do the trick it has all the essence which needed by router its well tested on UBUNTU 16.04.

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