Download the ble_hrm_app.aia thats in the attachments of this blog. Go to the MIT App Inventor Interface and navigate to the top right corner. Click My Projects>Import project (.aia) from my computer .... "/>

MIT App Inventor Help. bluetooth, arduino. ManuDragon9 April 3, 2021, 12:42pm #1. Screenshot 2021-04-03 143748 1917×897 213 KB. Hello everyone. I've recently bought a bluetooth module, and I was introduced to this site and app. ... If you want to use bluetooth, give up multiple screens. The bluetooth disconnects when changing the screen. You. Description. Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor 2 is a practical course in which you're going to build 8 Android applications to interact with the Arduino. Each project contains: Step-by-step instructions for building the app design and logic. Downloadable code and schematics. .aia files (files that you can upload to the MIT App.

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