Provides 4x's less wear than regular ATF. The original shudder fix. For use in ANY automatic transmission fluid. Not for use in Ford Type F or CVT applications. Packaged in a uniquely engineered two ounce application tube Dr. Tranny® Instant Shudder Fixx™ is compatible with conventional or synthetic automatic transmission fluids. I am surprised that the Red is more popular over Platinum. I just looked on their website and under platinum it says "Contains all the same benefits as the LUBEGARD ATF Protectant" dogememe Joined Apr 15, 2017 Messages 2,817 Location San Rafael, CA Sep 21, 2018 #11 If you have a Mopar tranny with the spin on filter go OEM Mopar for that. LUBEGARD® PLATINUM® Universal ATF Protectant is uniquely formulated using the patented synthetic LXE® (liquid wax ester) Technology and new synthetic Synergol® TMS Technology. Together, these technologies provide the most advanced and complete transmission fluid performance service additive ever invented! Also available!. .

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