The 10-page letter says the Kansas prison is dangerous and should be shut down. It calls for the U.S. Marshals Service to stop its contract with the facility at the end of the year. TOPEKA, Kansas — COVID cases are spiking so much in a Kansas prison that inmates are being transferred to other facilities. Corrections records confirmed 55 positive cases at the El Dorado men's prison as of June 26, according to the Kansas Department of Corrections. El Dorado has a minimum and medium unit in Oswego, and the corrections. This is the website for the Kansas chapter of Kairos Prison Ministry International, a Christian faith based ministry that addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families. By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives, and impact the world. Updated: May 6, 2022 / 02:51 PM CDT. LANSING, Kan. — The search for a missing inmate in Alabama and the corrections officer accused of helping him escape entered its seventh day. While no one.

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