The Sydney Harbour Tunnel was opened in August 1992. Credit: Kate Callas At present, weekday tolls on southbound trips on the Harbour Bridge and tunnel range from $2.50 to. The Verrazano bridge currently charges from Brooklyn to Staten Island, but this is expected to change with two way tolls at a lower rate. Three other bridges have one-way $15 cashtolls, though E-ZPass discounts lower them. The toll was originally placed on travel across the bridge , in both directions, to recoup the cost ... but the toll has been kept (indeed increased) by the state government's Roads and Traffic Authority to recoup the costs of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. oauth consent screen internal or external; miley justine. The Western Harbour Tunnel - a second road tunnel underneath Sydney Harbour- will be tolled both ways. 9NEWS understands the NSW Government is in discussions as to how to "equalise" the tolls across the new and existing crossings. Drivers are likely to be charged both ways on the Harbour Bridge from 2026. Picture: AAP (AAP ). sht21 python. A lower toll applies to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel outside weekday AM and PM peak hours How to read your toll summary The cost displayed is for a one way trip. Southbound traffic gets a free ride which removed the need to provided two sets of toll booths on the constrained site in the Sydney CBD. A NSW Treasury official revealed the full extent of the long-awaited.

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