2011/11/07 7MGTE + Manual Transmission : 325 LBS = 147 KG 2JZ-GTE + Manual 6 Speed and a 2. Fits 8HP70 2. Apr 23, 2011 · Principales diferencias entre el motor 2JZGTE vs 2JZGE El motor 2JZ-GE es un motor aspirado, ... Chassis Building Etc. 5 The 2JZ-GTE’s engine for sale is available at a more affordable price than the USDM. Evergreen Engine Rering Kit FSBRR2023T. I have a 7mgte for sale. It is a JDM unit with what it looks like a low kilometre unit based on the service sticker. Bought it as a complete long block with all the accessories including the engine harness with the yellow connectors and stock turbo. It will also come with the ECU. Looking to get 1000 dollars for it, paid 1200. 7MGTE SUPRA ENGINE SWAP. Started by 4DEES Engine. 29 Replies 21113 Views Jun 01, 2005, 10:28:48 PM by kneedownnate: 1985 xtra-cab 4x4, 230RWHP 7MGTE swap $5000 OBO in North Texas. Started by toddm Rigs For Sale. 11 Replies 4674 Views Sep 01, 2008, 05:37:19 PM by ozark: MOVED: 1985 xtra-cab 4x4, 230RWHP 7MGTE swap $5500 OBO in North Texas.

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